Manuel’s Tavern will welcome us back!

Fellow members:

As some of you may know, this club has a history with Manuel’s.  Our club’s first meeting place was Manuel’s Tavern back in 1985, when we were known as the Atlanta Chapter of TIOC/BIMA (Triumph International Owners’ Club/British International Motorcycle Association).  I joined the club in 1987, and we changed the name about 1990.

Manuel’s has been completely renovated while retaining its original character.  Check out their website at

I took the liberty of contacting Margie Maloof at Manuel’s Tavern to see if they could accommodate our meeting:  Margie’s response:

“I’ve got you in the book for Wednesday, April 12 from 7:30-9.  It looks like the next couple of months will work out, and then I’ll have to check for July on.  I’ll be happy to check when I get home.  I’ve got you in the eagle’s nest for your meetings.  …. Incidentally, welcome back!!!!!”

Who could as for a better welcome?  As you may know, Manuel’s has ample parking, but no motorcycle specific parking area.  I’m going to try to work on that.

We will be taking a vote at our March 8 meeting to determine whether we will relocate our meeting back to Manuel’s.  I think its a good fit, its close to downtown, Little Five Points and Virginia Highlands.  I think this is where our new blood could come from.

Please try to attend the March 8 meeting at the Crossing in Norcross.


John Underwood


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