April Meeting minutes

Our first meeting at Manuel’s Tavern in many years was well attended, considering that a football field length of I-85 was missing inside the loop just north of the downtown connector.  Food and service was good, we will be back for our May and June meetings.

The Pres. reported that Carrie and Randy Huyett (our V.P.) are expecting their second child to arrive later this week.  Congrats to you both!  Randy expects to pick up the rally bike from JEU next week to do some carb work so that it is in good running condition for the BIBR.

Sybrand Siertesema volunteered to help yours truly rebuild the carburetors if needed.  I responded that my motorcycles tend to work better the less I work on them, and the offer is sincerely appreciated.

Other matters that were discussed were t-shirt designs and volunteer sign up.  Will Donalsson volunteered to help with the volunteer sign up, he will coordinate with JEU and the rally director.  Apparently, there is an app for that!

T-shirt design is open for suggestions.  Natasha Kotto (new bride of the Rally Director), is also pursuing some graphic design ideas, as is Will Donalsson.  Anyone with ideas or suggestions please email them to gabmaclub@gmail.com.

Tigerlily (JEU’s bride and the First Lady of GABMA) volunteered after the meeting to help with the rally flyer, the facebook page and some t-shit design ideas.  She was working on it last night!

Next meeting will be May 10 at Manuel’s.  Leave early if your coming from the Northeast as I was.  I am going to try highway 78 in the next time.

John Underwood,