New Meeting Time, 2nd Wednesday of each month

Fellow members:

At our last monthly meeting, we voted to change the meeting date from the 3rd Wednesday of the month to the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  This change will allow us to avoid the conflict with Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, which are busy for us all.  As many of you know, the December meeting (our Christmas party) was always held on the 2nd Wednesday of December, and was the only meeting that was not on the 3rd Wednesday.

We are also looking at a new meeting place that will have more parking and be more centrally located than Norcross.  While we all like the Crossing Steakhouse, parking in Historic Downtown Norcross is a problem and will prove more inconvenient when it warms up and we all will want to ride our bikes to the meetings.

Suggestions are welcome.  The basic premise is, we need to have some privacy to conduct our business, we need a location inside the loop, preferably in the Northeast quadrant, and we would like to have ample parking, preferably, reserved motorcycle parking.  Email your suggestions to


John Underwood